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buy modafinil paypal uk Cherries!Someone gave us over 200 pounds of cherries from a truck that overturned. Do you know what this means? It means 2 days later, we are nearly at the point of putting them on the neighbor’s porches, ringing the bell, and running! It also means I should be pitting instead of typing.

buy priligy in singapore We have frozen, flash frozen, dehydrated and canned….all double pitted. Double pitted means that our pitter only pits them about half the time, so we have someone checking them again.

Ah…the cherry pitter…this is a story! We pulled out our two cherry pitters. One was broken off where you attach it to the table and the other was missing a part, so we put the two together to make one pitter. I was elated at the prospect of opening a jar of cherries in the middle of the winter and only having to pay for the cost of canning lids. I asked son to tighten the pitter to the counter and *POP* It broke! Now we know how the other one broke.

I began calling all around town for a replacement pitter. Several places said that they had just sold the last one moments before. I finally found one place and decided to add it to my errand list. At the last moment, I decided to go their FIRST.

My oldest daughter (18) and I walked up and down the aisles and finally settled on asking someone where the cherry pitters were to be found. She stood up to take me to it. I noticed another woman, who was on the other side of the woman followed us. The woman looked up high and brought down the LAST pitter and handed it to me. The other woman said, “the last one?” Then she went on to say how she had looked all over town. I didn’t know what to do! Should I give it to her? Finally she said, begrudgedly that she had *2* cases of cherries to pit. I said, “I have 9.” ~blush~

When I got up to the register, the woman, who had helped me locate the pitter, said, “Boy! For a minute there, I thought she was going to grab that out of your hands!”


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  1. Beth Terry

    Great story! I did cherries for the first time this year. Flash frozen, dehydrated and canned cherry jam. It was a fun experiment.

    What should I do with the dehydrated cherries? They were more of an experiment. I’m thinking cookies. We’re not trail mix kind of people. Any suggestions?

    Your blog is fun and informative. Thanks

  2. We were picking raspberries recently at a friends. She gave us little baggies of cashews and dried cherries. It was delightful! Would that be too much “trail mixish” for ya? You could dip them in chocolate, in oatmeal, eat plain, send some to me, chop some up and put in a salad with nuts or in cookies along side chocolate chips, make a sauce for meat. I love granola in yogurt and this would be really good, I think.

    Thankfully, they last a long time, so you might find uses as you go. Hey! Post back here if you find another way to use them up! Enjoy!

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