A Little of This and A Little of That

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buy Seroquel mastercard The weather has been HOT (100°, plus).  Good news…it will kill all the ticks!  Took the kids to Lake Elmo yesterday to for cool dip…took the dog, too.

purchase gabapentin online Found an exersaucer at a thrift store for $3.  It’s VERY NICE!  Miss Abigail loves all the fun things to occupy her time and give her lots of stimulation.  We’ve never seen her so excited about something like this before.

Guinguinéo Dennis has the next 2 days off.  I am thrilled!  We continue to pray for direction for a different job for him.  He is looking for something in upper management with logistics/trucking. We are willing to move to a different state.

We are going to work on cleaning our garage today with the idea of buying tubs (cheaper than renting a space) and moving all our “clutter” into the garage (preparing to move if the Lord directs us that way).  If nothing else, we’ll get the house clean!


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